Alarm Generator in wooden case with controls on a temporary panel.

Alarm Generator in wooden case with controls on a temporary panel.

Controls for Dark Magnet Alarm Generator mounted in the case on a temporary instrument panel.

Alarm Generator Main Panel Closeup (w/knob)

Alarm Generator Main Panel Closeup (w/knob)

Close up photo of Dark Magnet Alarm Generator Main Panel with a knob in place.

Alarm Generator Output Panel

Alarm Generator Output Panel

Output Panel for the Dark Magnet Alarm Generator. Etched Brass.

Alarm Generator Main Panel

Alarm Generator Main Panel

Main instrument panel for Dark Magnet Alarm Generator, Etched Brass.

Dark Magnet: etching #2

Custom etched brass instrument panels. First attempt.

custom brass etching

Custom etched brass instrument panels. First Attempt.

This is the first etched brass panel for one of my devices.  This one is for an LFO controlled gate I built a while back.  The etch is rather uneven in depth due to the etchant solution not being sufficiently agitated during the etch process.  Thanks to Pauly, I now have an air pump to make sure this is not the case next time.  The design is quite distorted from the precision of the original, which is only because I left it in the etchant to see how deeply I could etch before the resist disintegrated and the FeCl started eating the entire piece.  That point happens to be about 10 minutes before I took this one out, hence the inconsistently clear detail of the etch.  When I checked on it about 15 minutes earlier, I was pleasantly surprised with the precision of the etch.  The next ones should be way better.  Not bad for the first go of it though.

Custom Cast Brass Knobs (Prototypes)

Brass Cast Knobs